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School Photography

Courses for key stage 1 and key stage 2. With emphasis on fun and learning through guided experimentation.

Starting with discussing the pros of each camera type, simple demonstrations will enable children to take control of their camera.

Excited children will then quickly get to work and take a series of photos right in lesson 1.

Children will gain a  basic understanding of picture-making (composition, subject, lighting) and encouraged to explore given tips and techniques through fun practical experimentation.

Through relaxed critiquing of  individual and professional photographs  the children will learn to quantify what makes a good photograph.
Activities will be broad to enable self expression and creativity.

As children develop their skills , craft activities will enable them to create personalised products from their photographs.

Emphasis on fun and experimentation.

No previous experience required.

Use any camera (SLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Ipad / Tablet).

Limited Cameras available for hire.

Topics linked to National Curriculum.

What you need to bring…
Digital Camera (iPad, compact, mirrorless or SLR).

Term Dates: Ferndown First School.

KeyStage 2 (years 3 and 4)

Tuesday 12th April until 24th May inclusive ( 7 weeks) – £35 (£5 per week).

Tuesday 7th June until 19th July inclusive ( 7 weeks) – £35 (£5 per week).

Keystage 1 (year 2)


Payment: Half Termly by cheque or cash in sealed envelope to school.

All Tutors are checked with ‘Disclosure and Barring Service’ (previously CRB).

Contact form (please include child’s name and class in message)