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Using Video for Marketing.

Social Media has provided an audience for businesses to promote their products too. In turn large number of companies are trying to selling products via Social Media.
While these audiences like to buy, they do not like to be sold too. When engaged this audience can be influenced. Inbound and content marketing are strategies which engage and influence an audience over time.

We work with our clients to provide an effective and affordable video inbound marketing strategy.

We enable our clients to target potential customers with brand and product / service content to:

  • Raise awareness.
  • Generate leads.
  • Convert leads to sales.
  • Increase repeat order value.
  • Analysis marketing performance.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing enables you to market your product / service to your audience without appearing to be selling. It is about awareness and education as per content marketing, with the additional aim of funnelling the potential customer to a end goal.

Each part of your marketing mix should be subtly educating the audience on your brand / product / service. as they become more educated they become more brand aware, and your content can be become more focused.

We are great believers in providing the audience with a marketing mix. Copy, photographs and video are all important parts of the content marketing.

We also recommend a multi platform approach, through controlled distribution of content on multiple Social Media platforms. Enabling you to be where your potential customers are.

For each customer we write a step by step marketing strategy. Making video marketing affordable and easy.

Content Marketing Videos

Why use Video as part of Inbound Marketing?

Promotional Video is perfect for a multi-platform approach, it is easily shared across platforms and is easily consumed by a time-short audience.

Our snack-size videos are carefully constructed 5-30s videos. They educated the audience on one key element of a product or service.

Video is the most shared media format thus helps you grow your audience.

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Content Marketing Videos