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A short film can keep a memory safe forever.

Give the gift of a precious memory, send a message to a distant relative or a partner, or capture an important stage in your child’s life.

From christenings, to birthdays, to anniversaries, to Sunday afternoons in the park, we capture the atmosphere, the emotion and the fine details to create a well-rounded story.

How do we work?

1. Before we start filming we work with you as closely as you feel is necessary to draw out the most evocative stories and messages for your film. When it comes to filming, we capture the tiniest, most emotive details as well as the bigger picture to really bring the story alive.

2. Throughout the filming, our non-intrusive, gentle approach means you never feel uncomfortable.

3. We hand edit our films with a personal touch, adding an appropriate soundtrack and sophisticated but subtle digital effects where necessary.

Contact us today to discuss a gift or an occasion you have in mind.

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Social Media Engagement

Video accounts for 70% of Social engagement (ADI Digital Video Benchmark).

Customer enagement

Customers are 437% more likely to engage with your brand if you expose them to brand-related video content. (National Positions)

Audience awaits

UK internet users spend 240 million hours every month watching online video content. (Experian Hitwise)


Located in Bournemouth we cover events in Devon, Dorset, Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London.